Ana Cecilia Ortega


One of Costa Rica’s top fashion designers, Ana Cecilia Ortega is distinguished for her luxurious, elegant and intricately designed silk creations. After more than two decades of passionately crafting gowns and dresses for beauty queens, politicians, celebrities, and professionals, she embarks on a new journey in the USA.

 Ana’s love for couture is rooted in her early years. At the age of 6, she started sketching dresses for her paper dolls and in her teen years, began to craft her very own clothes using her mother’s sewing machine.  In college, she took a course in Computer Science, but that didn’t stop her from doing what she loved. She continued working with her designs outside of school. Friends and family were her first customers.

Ana’s emergence in the fashion industry was catapulted by an opportunity to create her first major design project. In her last year of college, a friend from France contacted her to have her wedding dress made. The gown she designed was so stylish, so uniquely crafted that guests thought it was bought in a store in Paris. The event opened many new doors for her, and she began to meet fellow entrepreneurs who wanted to collaborate with her and eventually helped grow her business.

Ana opened her first couture house in the Mid 90s. It didn’t take long for her to be recognized by local media. After being featured in the top fashion magazine Revista Perfil, in just a few weeks her supporters flourished, her clientele grew by the hundreds, and her boutique became the fashion mecca for the most prominent women in Costa Rica.

As a designer, Ana looks up to Oscar Dela Renta and considers his works unparalleled. She also admires vintage fashion, drawing influence from the 50’s and 60’s fashion eras, and even turn of the century pieces. She believes they embody sheer creativity and devotion in creating the most meticulously crafted and most glamorous gowns in history. Ana ensures that every piece she creates for her clients is made of the best fabric, and ultimately complements their bodies without sacrificing comfort. She doesn’t mind the painstaking hours it takes working on a single dress.

“To me, working 50-60 hours on a dress means it’s worth it. I want my client to look like a queen… I want to make her look her best.” says Ana.

Whether it is made of silk, wool, organza, her designs exemplify great dressmaking and craftsmanship. Her talent never goes unnoticed. Since she arrived in California, Ana has been commissioned to dress Miss Costa Rica, Claudia Gallo and American Idol finalist Thia Megia. Her pieces have also been featured in GEV and FOCUS Magazine.

Apart from designing, Ana’s other passions include scuba diving and gardening.  She loves organic, home grown food and has recently started learning the culinary arts. Her pastas, salads and smoothies are worth giving a try. Her goal in life is to challenge herself to step out of her comfort zone and learn more new things.

“The sense of adventure keeps me going… and creating.”

Now residing in Sacramento, California with her husband and son, Ana aims to grow her collection and continue to make waves in the world of fashion.